When the Show Makes You Cry…

Do you ever get really emotionally involved with TV shows or movies? Do you ever feel yourself caring a lot for characters in shows? Do you prefer to find those shows or movies that bowl you over with emotion? 

I tend to be the biggest fan of shows that really hook me into them emotionally. I mean, I determine my rating system on Netflix based off of the emotional response the show gives me. For example, if I cry really hard, I’m likely to give it a 5-star rating. If I don’t cry at all, it’s likely to rate far less.

I think it all started all those years ago when we would all hunker down on Thursday nights to watch ER. When Mark died, our whole family wept and sobbed. It touched my heart beyond belief when Kaeidyn watched ER over a decade after I had seen that episode and was also brought to sobbing tears – and I smiled proudly when she cried the next day when we played “Somewhere Over the Rainbow“, because that’s what good TV does.

Over the years there have been too many memorable moments to name in television and film history as it relates to me. The tears these cheeks have felt over fictional characters over the years would probably astound you, because they have been so numerous. My favorite times are when the emotional response absolutely surprises you.

Great example: Reign Over Me with Adam Sandler. We all know him as this funny guy telling jokes. But this movie had me literally curled up in a ball in a full-out sob session. He’s sitting there in that courtroom and all of a sudden, completely overcome with emotion – both him and me! I think Alfie was terrified that something was wrong with me, because the moment just absolutely broke my heart.

I don’t feel like it’s hard for a show or movie to make me cry – I tend to do it rather easily. But every once and awhile, a show hits a nerve that the emotions attached to that moment are so memorable. Even though they’re emotions shed over fictional moments, they feel like they happened to you, happened to people you love.

Tonight, I started watching The Killing. I haven’t really had much interest in this show, but I’ve run out of episodes on all the other shows that I was watching and needed something to pass the time with. I was a little worried about this show, because I tend to have a hard time watching anything that involves a lot of killing. While I get really into these types of shows, I don’t really like watching them because they change my dreams from just generally confusing to utterly terrifying!

I was really skeptical going into this show but by the end of the first episode I was in shambles. I’m not sure what I think of the story or the characters (haven’t been watching long enough to know…), but the parents of this girl are incredibly relatable and anytime they struggle with their emotions, I find myself struggling with mine. I find that kind of television to be incredibly powerful.

So, What are some of your memorable and emotional TV or movie moments? Have you ever been surprised by your reaction to anything you watched? What was the last show you cried at? Let’s talk TV in the comments!

Some of My Favorite Netflix TV Shows

I’ve been watching quite a bit of Netflix lately, especially since they’ve been adding a whole lot of really amazing stuff. Not only have I been watching a lot, I’ve been adding tons to my list because it seems like everyday they add something that I swear I just said I wanted to see. Today, I figured I’d share some of my favorite TV shows from the past few months, because there are quite a few of them and I don’t want to forget.

Honorable Mentions

I don’t have much to say about these shows, save for the fact that I absolutely loved them!

  • Call the Midwife
  • Gilmore Girls
  • Raising Hope
  • Weeds
  • Frisky Business
  • Huff

Prison Shows

There seem to be a lot of these lately, and I can’t say that I mind. I didn’t think that I would like prison shows, but it turns out that I’m super obsessed with them, to the point where I will stay up late just to watch “one more episode” (which is usually a lot more than one…). I think the thing I like the most is that they force you to question your own beliefs about punishment and rehabilitation.


I finished all the seasons of this show in a matter of days, because I just could not stop watching it. If you saw Orange is the New Black and really liked it but was left wanting a little more, Wentworth will surely fill the gap. I found the storyline to be insanely intriguing, the characters to be so relatable and the whole experience was so visceral. When they cried, I cried and when they cheered, I cheered. I don’t think I’ve ever yelled so loud at a TV.

Unitè 9

If subtitles don’t bother you or you speak french, this show is almost the Canadian version of Wentworth. I’m still devouring episodes of this masterpiece like they’re going out of style, One thing that I do appreciate about this show, more than most others, is that it is stereotypically Canadian – everything in it is so nice and civilized, and yet, somehow that does not diminish the drama.

Orange is the New Black

I mentioned it earlier and I should probably add it. The Boyfriend and I powered through the first two seasons and were absolutely in love. I follow the show just about everywhere online and I spent a long time excited for the third season, but it took us forever to get around to watching it. I think the thing that I probably love about this show the most is the actresses in it, because I feel like I can relate to each and every one of them. Their problems could be my problems and that makes their experiences that much more real to me.

Crime Dramas

I generally tend to avoid crime dramas because they have a tendency to make me pretty sketchy. However, there have been a couple that I was really looking forward to seeing and was really glad that I’ve taken the time to watch them – although definitely need to stop watching them before sleep because they affect my dreams.

How to Get Away With Murder

I just started this show tonight. I’m already most of the way through season one and so far, I’m really enjoying it. I’m having a lot of fun watching the way the characters are developing and it’s definitely a show that piques your curiosity. I’m getting a huge kick out of seeing so many OITNB actors in it and I have never seen gay sex look as amazing as Connor Welsh makes it look!

The Fall

First of all, I’ve never had a bigger crush on a fictional serial killer than I have on Jamie Dornan as Paul Spector. There were honestly so many things to love about this series and I cannot wait to see next season. I’ve actually watched this show twice, because I insisted on The Boyfriend watching it after I had finished it all, it was that good. And I plan on re-watching the whole thing when they bring the next season out!

Other Dramas

Grey’s Anatomy

Kaeidyn and I started watching Grey’s Anatomy forever ago. We haven’t gotten many opportunities to watch it, especially being that she insists that I watch it with her. I’m actually kinda shocked that I’m even putting this on my list, because for years, the entire time we had cable and it was on TV, I despised this show. Every time it came on, I’d whine and moan. Watching it from the very beginning, in a way that I can control, definitely makes this show great. I can watch it when I’m in the mood for it and then it really gets to me.

Grace & Frankie

I was expecting this show to be a stupid-funny comedy. I was pleasantly surprised when it was more than just funny comedy. There were many episodes that had me holding back tears and the whole family was swept up in the story. There were so many deep discussions had about why Grace & Frankie weren’t just happy for their husbands and a lot of explaining the complexities of relationships and sexualities. I absolutely loved this show and I’m desperately waiting for the next season to come out!

Downton Abbey

I’m a sucker for period pieces. I have such insanely romantic views of the 18th – 20th centuries. A few months back, I went through a serious obsession. It started with Mr. Selfridge and The Paradise, two very similar shows, and then Downton Abbey – I’ve still prolonged finishing the currently available season because I’m not ready to wait for more episodes. I’ll probably just end up watching the whole thing again before the next season comes out on Netflix.



On My List…

I still have a ton of shows that I’m waiting to watch or that I’ve got seasons left to watch. I want to get through all the ones I’ve started before I start more. Below is a list of all the shows that I still have left to watch or that I’ve started and not finished (assuming they don’t get removed before I get to them). A single asterisk (*) means that I have to watch it with The Boyfriend and double (**) means with the whole family. What do you suggest I finish first or start with next?

  • Scandal
  • Mad Men (Started) *
  • Suits **
  • Nashville (Started)
  • House of Cards
  • The Good Wife (Started)
  • Land Girls
  • Once Upon a Time (Started) **
  • Bones *
  • Dexter (Started) **
  • The Walking Dead *
  • Glee (Started) **
  • Spartacus *
  • House (Started) **

I’m planning on doing another post like this, next time for some of my favorite movies on Netflix – and there are a lot of those! Especially documentaries. And if you have any suggestions for movies, let me know and I’ll add them to my list. Any of these shows interest you?