#WTMFIWednesdays - Session #14 Cover Photo

#WTMFIWednesdays: Session #14 – Amazing or Mediocre?

WTMFI (Way Too Much F***ing Information) Wednesdays

WTMFI (Way Too Much F***ing Information) Wednesdays

A weekly sex meme arousing discussions on sexuality

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The Questions & My Answers

Question 1:
Would you rather listen to music during sex or listen to TV during sex?

I would rather listen to music during sex, but the reality is, if there’s any electronics on at all, it’s likely to be a TV.

Question 2:
Would you rather use chocolate sauce or whipped cream during sex?

Whipped cream without a doubt. Not a huge fan of chocolate, even though I think I’d like the consistency and such on my skin, I wouldn’t like the taste or the smell as much as I would with whipped cream.

Question 3:
Would you rather have amazing sex infrequently or mediocre sex frequently?

I think probably mediocre sex frequently. I’ve long said that after three days of no sex I start to get bitchy. And let’s be real, mediocre sex with someone you love is still pretty freaking great sex.

Question 4:
Would you rather read an erotic book or listen to an erotic audiobook?

I would probably rather read an erotic book. I’ve only ever listened to one erotic audiobook and it was a great experience, but it’s not the same as reading. Ideally, I’d do both because I think they’re both different experiences and should both be had!

Question 5:
Would you rather use a glass dildo or a silicone dildo during sex?

I can’t answer this question for sure because out of the two options, I’ve only ever used glass dildos. I like the appearance of glass dildos a lot and also the concept of being able to heat them up and cool them down and the texture.

But honestly, I’m not a huge fan of sex toys. Of the four vibrators/dildos that I’ve had in my lifetime, 2 of them have been lost and the other 2 are glass dildos that get used probably once or twice a year…

Would you rather be paid to have sex in person or be paid to have sex on camera?

I would like to be paid to have either of these types of sex, but I think I would honestly rather get paid to have sex in person. I feel like I would feel like I earned it more if it was in person than if it was on camera.

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