#WTMFIWednesdays - Session #7 Cover Photo

#WTMFIWednesdays: Session #7 – Feet or Hands?

WTMFI (Way Too Much F***ing Information) Wednesdays

WTMFI (Way Too Much F***ing Information) Wednesdays

A weekly sex meme arousing discussions on sexuality

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The Questions & My Answers

Question 1:
Would you rather kiss a foot or kiss a hand?

I would rather kiss a foot. I am not a huge fan of the idea of my lips against feet or anyone’s lips against mine!

Question 2:
Would you rather look at pictures of hands or feet?

Feet. I’m a big fan of footography. I especially like looking at my own.

Question 3:
Would you rather shoes or gloves?

I think I would rather shoes. If I’m going to go window shopping online for anything, it’d be shoes. And it ties into the footography thing.

Question 4:
Would you rather lick the sole of a foot or suck on a toe?

Lick the sole of a foot. Toes are kinda weird to me. They look weird, they feel weird. Just not really my bag. So, definitely lick the sole of a foot.

Question 5:
Would you rather have a foot fetish or a hand fetish?

I would say that I have more of a foot fetish than a hand fetish – although I technically have neither. I’m just more attracted to the foot than the hand. But a hand fetish would be very interesting!

Would you rather being slapped or stepped on?

Definitely would rather being slapped. I enjoy being slapped quite a bit. It makes an invigorating sound. It’s stingy and thuddy. Getting stepped on would be more compression-y, and I’m less into that.

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The Gallery - For Adults 18+

A Collection of #Footography

I don’t remember how we got into taking pictures of my feet.

I remember loving it the moment we were doing it. I’m often asked if I have a foot fetish and the honest answer is no, not even slightly. I do not enjoy any aspects of a foot fetish, except for taking pictures of my feet and having them (the pictures, not the actual feet) admired by other people.

Over the years, we’ve taken many foot photos. From dedicated footography sessions to random snaps on walks, from painted toe nails to bare nails, with and without shoes – most notably my flip flops, which I try to wear as much of the year as possible. The best place to view my footography is on my FetLife profile, but for those of you who aren’t there, enjoy this small selection of some of my favorite footography.

My Collection of #Footography

There’s photos on here from almost 6 years ago and some of them are as recent as a few weeks ago. If you’d like to see new footography as I take it, be sure to follow me on FetLife or check out my Google+ #Footography Collection.

Favorite #Footography from Tumblr

Enjoy some of my favorite footography from Tumblr and be sure to follow Valerie Rayne Tumbles for tons more!











So, there you have it, a beautiful collection of #Footography. If you liked it, be sure to push the “Like” button below and use the “Share This” section to share on your favorite social networks. And if you’d like, I’d love to discuss footography in the “Rant With Me” section below!