#FridayFavorites: For the Week of September 11 – 18

Ever wanted to be able to see what I’m up to all over the web without actually having to go all over the web? Well, now you can with #FridayFavorites. Join me every Friday to see my favorite finds and posts over the last week.

Favorite Google+ Update

I’ve been trying to read a bunch of classics ever since I got myself The Complete Sherlock Holmes a few years back. Local bookstore has some great deals on the classics, so they’re easy to get my hands on.


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Favorite Pinterest Board

I have a great appreciation for art, although don’t look at it nearly as often as I would like to. I hope this board changes that and helps me to explore.

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Favorite Tumblr Find

Everything you find on my Tumblr will be absolutely NSFW and totally intended for adults only! But here’s my favorite PG-13 find from this week and be sure to check out my upcoming #TumblrFavorites post.

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Vaginas on Valerie Rayne Tumbles.

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Favorite Facebook Update

We went out and watched the Perseid Meteor Shower a few months back, would be fun to go out and see the “supermoon” lunar eclipse too.

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Favorite Tweet

I watched this amazing documentary on Netflix this week called “Marina Abramovic: The Artist is Present“. I strongly suggest you watch it if you get the chance.

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Favorite Posts

In case you might’ve missed them over the last little while, here’s my favorite posts from around here over the last week…

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Well, that’s my #FridayFavorites.

I encourage you to follow me wherever you are and if you have favorites that are different than mine, let me know what you loved in the comments below! And be sure to join me next Friday for another installment of #FridayFavorites – what will I find?