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#WTMFIWednesdays: Session #12 – Sex on the Beach

WTMFI (Way Too Much F***ing Information) Wednesdays

WTMFI (Way Too Much F***ing Information) Wednesdays

A weekly sex meme arousing discussions on sexuality

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The Questions & My Answers

Question 1:
Have you ever had sex on a beach?

No and I vary on whether or not I’d want to. I went through a phase where I was immediately dismissive and all, “But the sand… In places…”. And at the end of almost every winter, when I’ve officially had enough of it, I’ll go through phases where I want to watch a lot of sex on the beach and fantasize about it.

I know that it’s more the sun and the warmth on naked skin after so long of having nothing but cold and sweaters on naked skin that I’m desiring, but there’s nothing like the lapping water in the background or the public display.

I would probably do it, assuming I was going through a phase 😉

Question 2:  
Have you ever had sex in a public washroom?

No – which is actually a little surprising. Then again, I don’t think I’ve ever been in a public washroom that would make me feel comfortable enough to have sex – even just a quickie – in it. I’m not a huge fan of bathroom sex in general, so…

Question 3:
Have you ever gone to a nude beach?

I never have, although I only recently learnt that we have some in my province. I would definitely do this, as long as I had someone to go with me.

Question 4:
Have you ever had sex in a moving vehicle (car, train, boat, plane, etc.)?

No, but absolutely #FucketListed!

Question 5:
Have you ever had sex in your parent’s bed?

I don’t think I’ve ever had sex in my parent’s bed, but I’ve definitely had sex in my partner’s parents bed. I’ve had sex in my parent’s house but in my own bed 😉

Have you ever had sex in or near a church?

I wouldn’t say that I’m necessarily proud of it, because 30-something-year-old me is a little bit of a prude, but…

I once had sex on the steps outside of a church after a very drunken night at the dance club. I honestly can barely remember the details, except that walking up those steps to get fucked from behind, it was the first time in hours that I hadn’t stumbled!

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