#WTMFIWednesdays - Session #7 Cover Photo

#WTMFIWednesdays: Session #7 – Feet or Hands?

WTMFI (Way Too Much F***ing Information) Wednesdays

WTMFI (Way Too Much F***ing Information) Wednesdays

A weekly sex meme arousing discussions on sexuality

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The Questions & My Answers

Question 1:
Would you rather kiss a foot or kiss a hand?

I would rather kiss a foot. I am not a huge fan of the idea of my lips against feet or anyone’s lips against mine!

Question 2:
Would you rather look at pictures of hands or feet?

Feet. I’m a big fan of footography. I especially like looking at my own.

Question 3:
Would you rather shoes or gloves?

I think I would rather shoes. If I’m going to go window shopping online for anything, it’d be shoes. And it ties into the footography thing.

Question 4:
Would you rather lick the sole of a foot or suck on a toe?

Lick the sole of a foot. Toes are kinda weird to me. They look weird, they feel weird. Just not really my bag. So, definitely lick the sole of a foot.

Question 5:
Would you rather have a foot fetish or a hand fetish?

I would say that I have more of a foot fetish than a hand fetish – although I technically have neither. I’m just more attracted to the foot than the hand. But a hand fetish would be very interesting!

Would you rather being slapped or stepped on?

Definitely would rather being slapped. I enjoy being slapped quite a bit. It makes an invigorating sound. It’s stingy and thuddy. Getting stepped on would be more compression-y, and I’m less into that.

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