#TheSims4: Excited for Clubs

It’s been a super long while since I’ve played The Sims 4, but this expansion has me itching for release and then playtime. Clubs is something that has me incredibly excited. I’ve wanted this experience for a long time in a game that I like and now it’s happening to the one I love the most!

I’m looking forward to see all of the Simmers club creations and I’m sure I’ll experiment with joining a handful of clubs, but mostly, I’m looking forward to creating a Club all my own! And boy, do I ever have ideas!! Especially after reading through TheSims.com’s post about 11 options available to me – including creating my club’s outfit – I almost jumped out of my seat!

So, who’s planning on creating a club of their own? What are your club plans? How are you preparing for this release? What’s your thoughts on clubs and this upcoming expansion for #TheSims4?

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