#FridayFavorites: For the Week of October 16 – 23

Ever wanted to be able to see what I’m up to all over the web without actually having to go all over the web? Well, now you can with #FridayFavorites. Join me every Friday to see my favorite finds and posts over the last week.

Favorite Tumblr Find

Everything you find on my Tumblr will be absolutely NSFW and totally intended for adults only! But here’s my favorite PG-13 find from this week and be sure to check out my upcoming #TumblrFavorites post.

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Favorite Google+ Update

It’s almost time for NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month). I’ve always wanted to do it, maybe one year…


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Favorite Tweet

I couldn’t pick between a favorite tweet this month, so I’m just putting them both.

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Favorite Pinterest Board

With Halloween just a week away, I’ve been searching out pins like crazy for the day. Although I’ll probably never get around to using any of these this year, maybe next year ūüėČ

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Favorite Facebook Update

The Museum of Sex (which I totally plan on going to one day) posted this awesome little graphic and I’ve been loving it for days!

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Favorite Posts

In case you might’ve missed them over the last little while, here’s my favorite posts from around here over the last week…

  • The Club – Part 1¬†(NSFW)
    Taryn and her best friend go out for a night dancing at the club, but it gets interesting.

  • The Club – Part 2¬†(NSFW)
    After dancing, Taryn and her best friend stumble out to the car in the parking lot.

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Well, that’s my #FridayFavorites.

I encourage you to follow me wherever you are and if you have favorites that are different than mine, let me know what you loved in the comments below! And be sure to join me next Friday for another installment of #FridayFavorites – what will I find?

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