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#WishListed: Blog-A-Holic Boyshorts & Sports Bra

I don’t often wear underwear or bras, but I would love to prance around my house in these adorable boyshorts and this comfy looking sports bra. These are products I made for my Zazzle shop, Valerie Rayne’s Swag. Products are slowly being added, but I loved these so much that I wanted to share them with you now.

I plan on getting them before summer!

The sports bra is available in white and yellow – although I personally like the white better. The boyshorts however, are available in white, black, red and blue and I like it on all of them! I plan to get a pair in each of the available colors – because honestly, I could wear anything that says “Blog-A-Holic” on it every single day!

If you would like to view anymore details about these or any of the other products available, please visit Valerie Rayne’s Swag. And to see more items for blog-a-holics, check out the Blog-A-Holic Collection. And now, I wanna know…

Which color boyshorts would you get first? 

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#FridayFavorites: For the Week of September 4 – 11

Ever wanted to be able to see what I’m up to all over the web without actually having to go all over the web? Well, now you can with #FridayFavorites. Join me every Friday to see my favorite finds and posts over the last week.

“I’ve been dealing with a lot of stress this week, WAY too many firsts. It resulted in me being completely unaware that it was Friday yesterday and therefore I missed this week’s #FridayFavorites . Oh well, next week…”
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Favorite Google+ Update

With back-to-school well underway, there’s lots of lists being made and lots to do. Including goals for the rest of the year…

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Favorite Pinterest Board

I recently ran across a bunch of vintage stuff on Pinterest and this spurred the creation of the All Things Vintage board, which literally has everything vintage!

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Favorite Song

I literally just heard this song thanks to Spotify and it’s suggestions and I think it’s going to end up on my regularly listened to lists very soon! Enjoy “The Wire” by HAIM.

Favorite Tumblr Find

Everything you find on my Tumblr will be absolutely NSFW and totally intended for adults only! But here’s my favorite PG-13 find from this week and be sure to check out my upcoming #TumblrFavorites post.

#TumblrFavorites: Top 5 Tumblrs – September 2015 (View on Tumblr)

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Favorite Facebook Update

It seemed like we spent the entire weekend celebrating Keirnan’s eighth birthday and there was a lot of talking about how long ago it seemed like he was a baby, how much he’s grown.

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Favorite Tweet

I spent part of the week working on stuff for The Erotic Writers Group, which meant that I jumped onto Zazzle for a little bit. While I didn’t get anything done that I had intended to, I did do this…

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Favorite Posts

In case you might’ve missed them over the last little while, here’s my favorite posts from around here over the last week…

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Well, that’s my #FridayFavorites.

I encourage you to follow me wherever you are and if you have favorites that are different than mine, let me know what you loved in the comments below! And be sure to join me next Friday for another installment of #FridayFavorites – what will I find?