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Projects Underway

I have been a very busy girl over the last couple of days. Lots of online work done and plenty of projects underway!

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The Day We Went to Crescent Falls – Beautiful Landscapes

For the entirety of our relationship, The Boyfriend has always desperately wanted to take us to Crescent Falls. He has fond memories of his youth at the falls and always delights in the chance to share any part of his youth with us. I wanted to go for the waterfall.…

The Rantings - For Everyone

Stressed Out Mommy, But Not Tonight…

Valerie Rayne is a stressed out Mommy as the preparations for back-to-school begins, but at least the holidays were nice!

The Rantings - For Everyone

Unexpectedly Great

Today was an unexpectedly great day filled with adventure, holidays are coming up soon and the first few days with the older three back has gone great!