The Rantings - For Adults 18+

Incredibly Interesting

The Boyfriend and I have been sexploring and it has resulted in some incredibly interesting discoveries, feelings and sexperiences.

The Rantings - For Adults 18+

Off the Beaten Path: A Quick Walk in the Woods

The Boyfriend and I talk a trek off the beaten path during a quick walk in the woods. WARNING: Images are absolutely NSFW!

The List - For Adults 18+

No Longer #FucketListed: An Over-The-Knee Spanking

Since the very beginning of my creation of bucket lists, an over-the-knee spanking has been at the very top of the list. Well, its no longer #FucketListed!

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Back to Authenticity

I contemplate my lowered sex drive and consider the possible sources. Could it be a lack of sexual authenticity?

This post is from The List and is for everyone.

When I Grow Up… I’ll Get a Degree

A common conversation around our house is “What will you do when you grow up?”. I discuss my desire to obtain a degree.

The Rantings - For Adults 18+

The Elusive Third

In last night’s sexperience, Valerie Rayne and The Boyfriend have another first in their seventh year and aim to reach the seemingly elusive third orgasm.

The List - For Adults 18+

TO DO: Sexual Enhancement Routines

Among many other things to do on the Fucket List, these sexual enhancement routines would be a great starting point!