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Why I Posted Videos on Pornhub

After sharing my Pornhub profile, a close follower asked why The Boyfriend and I started sharing our sexperiences. So, why did we post videos to Pornhub?

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Back to Authenticity

I contemplate my lowered sex drive and consider the possible sources. Could it be a lack of sexual authenticity?

#FridayFavorites - For Everyone

#FridayFavorites: For the Week of August 21 – 28

Ever wanted to see what Valerie Rayne is up to all over the web? Well, now you can with #FridayFavorites on

The Rantings - For Adults 18+

The Elusive Third

In last night’s sexperience, Valerie Rayne and The Boyfriend have another first in their seventh year and aim to reach the seemingly elusive third orgasm.