The Rantings - For Adults 18+

Incredibly Interesting

The Boyfriend and I have been sexploring and it has resulted in some incredibly interesting discoveries, feelings and sexperiences.

The Rantings - For Adults 18+

Off the Beaten Path: A Quick Walk in the Woods

The Boyfriend and I talk a trek off the beaten path during a quick walk in the woods. WARNING: Images are absolutely NSFW!

The Rantings - For Everyone

The Boyfriend’s Been Tweeting!

The Boyfriend has been on Twitter for almost 3 years, however he went on an extended hiatus. Now, he’s back and he’s been tweeting!

The Picture Place - Exterior

#TheSims4 – Builds in #MagnoliaPromenade: The Picture Place

The Picture Place is a quaint photography studio in Magnolia Promenade. Download this lot from The Sims 4 Gallery by searching the Origin ID: ValerieRayne13