The Rantings - For Everyone

Where Did the Time Go?

Cannot believe it’s been over a month since I last wrote anything. Lots has happened and it’s a surprise that I haven’t written more! Time just flew by!


#FridayFavorites: For the Week of November 20 – 27

Ever wanted to see what I’m up to all over the web without actually having to go all over the web? Well, now you can with #FridayFavorites.

The Rantings - For Everyone

Whirlwind of Stress

I cannot get over how stressed out I’ve been feeling, about everything. And I was doing relatively well ignoring it all, putting it off and not worrying about it all. I mean, it was there, but it wasn’t in my face.

The Rantings - For Everyone

Unexpectedly Great

Today was an unexpectedly great day filled with adventure, holidays are coming up soon and the first few days with the older three back has gone great!