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Dancing is a perpendicular expression of a horizontal desire.

— George Bernard Shaw

It’s raining, it’s pouring and all I hear is moaning!

…I’m sitting there watching them play together and thinking, “Isn’t it my birthday?”

I believe in the consent that sounds like, looks like, feels like an unequivocal yes.

— Valerie Rayne, Lost, 2013

I tend to be more moved by stories of highly sexualized women, because I am one.

And your sexual bucket list can change and evolve, just as your sexuality can.

Blowjobs thigh-deep in snow or feet knocking on branches from the bushes around us, abandoned stairwells lit by the moon or wide open fields where gentle kisses were exchanged.

There are a bunch of reasons why you should make a sexual bucket list and virtually no reasons why you shouldn’t.

I woke up this morning and the first thought I had was, “We sucked my nipple last night!”.

And don’t worry, no one expects you to die if you complete all the items on your sexual bucket list!

“It’s not like you have to spend your life trying to rank your skills in the bedroom against everyone else’s. That way madness lies.”

I’ve always looked at sex as something so much more than sex – almost as if it’s a way to achieve some sort of enlightenment, the ultimate nirvana.

BLAM! On the side of the road!

Since the very beginning of my creation of bucket lists, I have had “get an over-the-knee spanking” at the very top.

Pre-fourth kid it was a really great ass, now it just desires to be.

Fighting for peace is like screwing for virginity.

— George Carlin

Sick and perverted always appeals to me.

— Madonna

I want to share that most primal and most authentic part of myself with my partner.

Sometimes, you’re just too lazy to work for sex. And so we spoon!

You know that look that women get when they want to have sex? Me neither.

— Steve Martin

Dancing always made Taryn incredibly horny, so it was no surprise that she was responding like this.

I love when he loves when I’m on top.

I want to undress you, vulgarize you a bit.

— Henry Miller

One night, we had a beautiful mutual masturbation session.

There were deep conversations mixed into all the sexiness going on and it made everything feel all that much more intense.

I think he also likes my reaction to these things, especially my boobs bouncing. I get really excited about it!

Again, a degree of consciousness would add that extra bit of special to this experience.

Our first anal session still goes down to this day as one our most memorable sexperiences together.

The sexual dialogue, which is what I’ve always wanted, is just being incredible right now.

My sexuality very much defines me, and I would appreciate it staying that way.

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