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#WishListed: Blog-A-Holic Boyshorts & Sports Bra

I don’t often wear underwear or bras, but I would love to prance around my house in these adorable boyshorts and this comfy looking sports bra. These are products I made for my Zazzle shop, Valerie Rayne’s Swag. Products are slowly being added, but I loved these so much that I wanted to share them with you now.

I plan on getting them before summer!

The sports bra is available in white and yellow – although I personally like the white better. The boyshorts however, are available in white, black, red and blue and I like it on all of them! I plan to get a pair in each of the available colors – because honestly, I could wear anything that says “Blog-A-Holic” on it every single day!

If you would like to view anymore details about these or any of the other products available, please visit Valerie Rayne’s Swag. And to see more items for blog-a-holics, check out the Blog-A-Holic Collection. And now, I wanna know…

Which color boyshorts would you get first? 

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